Rent out a house to expats

StartHousing is a specialist when it comes to renting out houses to expats. The word expat comes from English and is an acronym for expatriate. Someone who lives and works abroad for an international organization for a longer period of time.

The number of expats in the Utrecht and Rotterdam region is growing fast. In general, expats are highly educated and enjoy a stable income. For a landlord, renting to an expat often offers advantages.

Curious about the rental price of your home? 

Through our online tool you get an indication of the rental price of your home.

Method of rental to expats 

As soon as expats arrive in the Netherlands, they look for a (temporary) rental home. StartHousing cooperates with many international companies that outsource the housing of expats to us. We guide them in the search for a rental property and all related matters.
A property available for rent to expats in Utrecht or Rotterdam? Register a property directly for rent here. If desired, we can also take care of the housing management.

Why rent out your house to expats?

Expats usually enjoy a stable income and provide financial security for you as a landlord. For a landlord, renting out to expats offers more reassurance. StartHousing supports you in renting out to an expat or the organization for which he / she comes to work. As a rental agent, we know the Dutch comprehensive regulations concerning leases.

Temporarily house rentals to expats 

If you want to rent out a house, apartment or family home to an expat, the rental is usually of a temporary nature. The rental agreement that is concluded is for a certain period, the expat will be temporarily in the Netherlands. As a landlord, you have the advantage that the home will become available again for sale, own use or a new rental period after departure of the expat.

Furnished rental

To make a temporary home for expats attractive, it is interesting to rent this furnished. The expat doesn't have to purchase the complete contents for the short period that he will stay in the Netherlands. We have prepared a convenient checklist for furnished rental. This checklist shows exactly where the house must comply and which furniture and furniture must be provided for an expat. You can download it here.

Partner Expat Center Utrecht 

As a partner of the Expat Center Utrecht, we have good connections with the expats coming to the Utrecht region.

Partner international companies, hospitals and universities

Meanwhile, we have built up ties with the many international organizations from the Utrecht region for which expats come to our country. We present your property directly to these reputable companies, hospitals and universities.