Huis tijdelijk verhuren

Temporarily rent out a house for sale or for a longer period abroad? In these situations temporary leasing offers a solution through the Vacancy Act or diplomatic clause!

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House for sale: Vacancy rental

A house for sale can be temporarily rented for a period of at least 6 to a maximum of 60 months without the tenant being able to claim rental protection. The lessor can cancel this with a period of three months. In this situation, StartHousing supervised the permit application to the municipality.    

Temporary abroad: Diplomatic clause

By including a diplomatic clause in the rental contract, it is possible under certain conditions to rent a house temporarily. For this you as a landlord have to stay temporarily abroad. Another important condition is that the landlord will once again move into the home after a period of time.

A suitable target group for temporary letting is the expat. Expats  are staying temporarily in the Netherlands so that there is an excellent match between rental property and tenant. Also see our page about renting out houses to expats.

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