Renting out the house method

To ensure that the rental of a property runs smoothly, we use an extensive rental plan. This allows us to quickly find a good tenant for a home. Our working method is in line with the rental process and the code of conduct of the AIRR quality mark.

  • Introduction to the home
    During the introduction we will tell you more about StartHousing and we would like to hear who you are. We value good cooperation.
  • Discuss rental wishes and possibilities
    We provide advice about the rental price and conditions. As a landlord you always determine the rental conditions.
  • Collecting information about property
    We extensively map the property and we write a description and make a photo presentation.
  • Present property to potential tenants
    We add the property to all rental property sites in the Netherlands and the major international sites. At the same time, we introduce the property to all potential tenants and companies registered with us.
  • Home viewings
    After we have a good idea of ​​the prospective tenants, we arrange the home viewings.
  • Extensive screening candidate tenant
    We want to be sure that we are dealing with reliable and solvent tenants. That is why we extensively screen candidate tenants by requesting and checking various credit checks, do an extensive background check and check various documents.
  • Propose candidate tenant
    We prepare a candidate proposal based on our findings. Based on this, the lessor determines whether the property will be rented to this prospective tenant.
  • Drawing up an agreement
    As soon as there is agreement between the landlord and the tenant, we prepare the tenancy agreement and other required documents.
  • Cashing rent and guarantee
    StartHousing cashes the payment of the first rent and agreed deposit and pays this to the property owner. After all, before we plan the delivery and hand over the keys, we must be sure that the payment has been made.
  • Delivery 
    During the delivery we prepare a very comprehensive visual and textual inspection report. As a result, the parties know how the property should be delivered at the end of the rental period.
  • Property Management
    If required, we carry out the financial and technical management so that you as a landlord experience a carefree rental period.

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