Hoe gaan wij te werk?

We use a unique method to find a suitable rental property quickly. This enables us to offer optimum guidance and to find the best property. Our working method is in line with the rental process and the code of conduct of the AIRR quality mark.

  • Free signup
    To find the right property, it is important to first get acquainted. We hereby register you for free, so that the search will proceed optimally.
  • Create search profile
    We prepare a search profile based on your living requirements.
  • Match houses
    We look for suitable accommodation within our network of properties. We search both with external parties and within our own range. Of course we screen the property, conditions and landlord. 
  • Viewing
    After we have discussed the matches, we will together visit the most suitable properties within the search profile and wishes package. 
  • Conducting negotiations
    We do the negotiations regarding the amount of the rent and deposit, delivery date, desired adjustments, delivery level, etc.
  • Proposals to the landlord
    We propose and convince the solidity of the tenant to the landlord with the help of an extensive background check. We collect all necessary relevant documents for this. We also coordinate the introduction between tenant and landlord.
  • Prepare agreement and other documents
    By creating an extensive legally correct lease, we create more certainty. We will extensively review the agreement in advance.
  • Coordination payment and guarantee
    To prevent discussion during delivery, we coordinate the first rental payment and guarantee. We will transfer this immediately after the property has been delivered properly and as agreed.
  • Home inspection and delivery
    Upon delivery, we prepare a comprehensive visual and textual inspection report if required. This prevents discussions about returning the guarantee.
  • Management
    If there are any questions, complaints or comments during the living period, we are available for support.

    Register now for free as a  homeseeker and immediaetly find the suitable rental home!