Property management

Professional housing management for a pleasant price

StartHousing makes a clear difference due to our unique 1st line of management services for private owners with a single home or for institutional investors, project developers and housing corporations with a generous housing portfolio.

You choose from a modular structure in management services so you always keep control. Involvement, continuous contact with progressive online management systems and pleasant rates make the difference. 

 Personal contact and an online inspection

We position ourselves as a proactive manager, think along with and advise. Each landlord has one permanent contact person within our organization to ensure commitment and decisiveness. As an administrator we are available 24/7 and you also have access to the entire rental administration online. With our modular management subscriptions, we focus specifically on the basic management needs that are supported by proven and smart ICT management systems. Because of this we keep our management fees very pleasant and we offer you a lowest price guarantee.

Financial management

Financial security and overview in your administrative obligations 

We carry out your administration and report to you so that you can conduct a financially sound management.

Contact point tenants 

StartHousing is the first point of contact for tenants regarding all requests concerning administrative matters.

24/7 accessible 

Our strength is the non-stop attention, throughout the year. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rental receipts 

StartHousing takes care of the collection of the rent and service costs due by direct debit. We carry out the desired annual rent increases.

Rental agreement changes 

During the rental period, adjustments of an administrative nature may be desirable. We take care of the correct handling of, for example, changes in rental agreements.

Minimum default 

We monitor and signal any payment arrears. Through accurate debtor management, we can act quickly and proactively and of course in consultation. If necessary, we ensure that the correct legal measures are taken.

Cost-effective rental income 

We advise on market-based rents and, in the event of threatening vacancy, we coordinate the most appropriate measures in consultation.

Guarantee administration 

We manage this guarantee payment and take care of the settlement with departing tenants with the aid of the inspection reports drawn up.

Financial Overview 

Every month we provide a clear rental overview containing a detailed overview of the expenses incurred and the incoming rent, as well as an overview of any rent arrears.

Service costs administration 

The deliveries and services mentioned in the rental agreement must be settled annually. We take care of the 'settlement service costs' and we prepare the new proposal.

Legal back-up 

In close cooperation with our house lawyer, we provide our clients with advice in every situation.

Technical management

The entire coordination from small to large maintenance. 

Your home or residential portfolio is properly maintained and the administration about this is prepared for you. StartHousing provides you with correct advice and carries out the work for you. Your tenants are served while you always maintain control over your income and expenses.

Continuous maintenance 

StartHousing covers the first line of technical maintenance matters for you. As a landlord you do not have to worry about it in the knowledge that these are well arranged. Every year we discuss your wishes around large, small and daily maintenance. You determine in which areas we can support you.

24/7 accesable

Our strength is the non-stop attention, throughout the year. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are available for possible technical complaints and calamities.

Contact us and discuss the possibilities

Contact us 

Own technical service 

As a client, you determine whether we use your own suppliers for technical complaints or that you want the convenience of our national technical service. Each assignment is approved by you prior to execution.

Cost savings on every job 

The national deployment of StartHousing results in a strong purchasing power on all technical suppliers. Whether it concerns plumbing work, electricity, central heating installation, carpentry, etc., you always use advantageous rates! And we never charge any extra costs!

Scan current supplier contracts 

We regularly evaluate together with you the current contracts with suppliers for eg cleaning or maintenance of central heating boilers. We keep the suppliers sharp in their service to you as a customer.


We coordinate for you all damage matters that fall under the cover of your insurance policy (es).


With every order we check the correct execution of cleaning and service activities by suppliers. In addition, we regularly keep an eye on the general condition of the building.

Purchasing archive 

All relevant documents are carefully archived and can be requested at any time. This way you always have insight into the agreements with, among other things, supplier contracts, inspection reports, rental agreements, delivery documents and construction drawings.