In the hectic pace of moving to a new rental home, it is always handy to have a point-by-step insight into the rules and to be able to tick off one by one. StartHousing has developed an innovative relocation checklist that covers all to-dos.


Once you know you are moving

  • Possibly cancel the rent of an old home
  • Relocation telephone + internet + TV
  • Make new home arrangements with residents about evt. taking over carpets, curtains, etc.
  • Arrange relocation leave with the employer
  • Ask about possible reimbursement of relocation costs
  • Inquire about options for tax relief on relocation costs.
  • Take measurements of new house
  • Change or cancel automatic transfers.
  • Cancel the maid. Cancel window cleaner
  • Call the mover and request a quote
  • Make an appointment with mover
  • Take account of upcoming relocation when purchasing
  • Start cleaning up everything that you should not take to the new home

If you're going to live in a different place

  • Apply for a location permit at the municipality where you will live
  • Buy a city map or a regional map (some municipalities also have a free one for new residents!)
  • Take a look around in the area where you will live

Ask at the municipality where you will live

  • Schools, stores, associations
  • (Nursery) care
  • Family care
  • Consultation agencies
  • Babysitting center
  • System collection of household waste
  • Parking regulations for caravans and the like
  • Regulations use balconies
  • Dog tax. Leash command for dogs

Four to two weeks before you move

  • Make list of relocation cards to be sent, arrange tickets
  • Inform GP, dentist, specialist (s) pharmacist
  • Sickness insurance and inform the bank
  • Inform the school. Register children at new school / schools
  • Inform home and household insurance
  • Inform life insurance and pension fund
  • Inform car insurance
  • Inform any other insurance policies
  • Arrange gas, water and light from old home
  • Control gas, water and light
  • Cancel and change the reading portfolio

The last two weeks before the move

  • Arrange daycare for relatives on the day of relocation with family and friends
  • Arrange pet care on the day of the move. Inform caretaker
  • Arrange transfer of old house key
  • Arrange transfer of new house keys. Have keys made if necessary
  • Return borrowed items
  • Start packing (see "Packing-unpacking")

The last few days before the move

  • Pack everything that you definitely do not need at the last minute
  • Get easy meals for the evening before the move and for the move day itself
  • Check whether there is enough coffee in the house.
  • Use the last collection day of the Municipal Cleaning to give everything that has to be lost
  • Drum washing machine (let) fix
  • Ensure that there is enough money to hand on the last day and evening before the move
  • Bringing children to the accommodation address
  • Bring pets to the accommodation address
  • Switch off and empty the refrigerator
  • Place the freezer in the coldest position and dry the refrigerator
  • Take apart removable furniture
  • Trying to reserve a place for a moving van with your own car and the car of friendly neighbors
  • Go to bed early

On the moving day itself

  • Get up in time
  • Medical papers in the hand luggage
  • Money and payment checks in the hand luggage. Attic check for forgotten items
  • All rooms check for forgotten items
  • Record meter readings. Shut off gas, water and electricity
  • Close all windows and doors properly
  • Hand over the key to the caretaker

After arrival in the new home

  • Have everything placed in the right place immediately as much as possible
  • Check all unpacked items immediately for possible relocation damage
  • Pay with your mover and in consultation with the foreman, do not forget the employees
  • Make a room "habitable" as quickly as possible
  • Hang up bedroom curtains
  • Give the fridge and freezer a little rest before connecting. Drum (let) loose washing machine

After the move

  • Pick up children
  • Put furniture in place and unpack everything
  • Report any relocation damage to your mover
  • Contact your mover about the empty moving boxes
  • Meet the new neighbors and the new caretaker
  • Change address in passport. Change address on driver's license
  • Check whether the mail is sent afterwards
  • Arrange new automatic transfers
  • If necessary, defrosted food from the freezer as quickly as possible

What you need to know in advance about the new house

  • Height, width and lengths of all rooms and other space
  • Place connection cable and distance to the place where you want to place radio and TV
  • Number and location of sockets. Prescriptions of the homeowner
  • When the municipal cleaning comes
  • Does your new home have connection to District Heating?
  • When was the chimney last swept?
  • Is there a special connection for electric cooking?
  • You are allowed to keep pets in your new home
  • Can the mover come to the door? Is there a lifting beam? Is there a lift available for the move?

Packing, unpacking, handy and sensible

  • In any case, consult your mover about packing
  • Start packing as soon as you have the removal boxes at home. It takes more time than you think. Give each room in the new house a number. Write down on each moving box what is in it plus the number of the room to which it must go
  • You can easily hang clothes out of the closet in special wardrobe boxes. Lock the cabinets and the like, attach the key
  • Distribute books among different boxes. Fill open space with light items. Bottles upright in boxes
  • Keep flammable or otherwise hazardous substances separate. Ask your mover how you can best pack fragile things
  • Roll silverware and the like in paper from the kitchen roll. Then it doesn't scratch. Do not take sharp things with vulnerable items such as e.g. gramophone records. Secure the pick-up arm, store the element separately
  • Only move the washing machine with the drum locked. Do not pack mirrors and paintings: your mover knows how to handle them
  • Put small plants together in a box. The mover will take care of packing large plants
  • On arrival at the new house, add these numbers to the doorposts of the rooms immediately!

StartHousing wishes you a great stay at the new address!