Can you rent out your owner-occupied home?

You are planning to rent out your home temporarily because you are going abroad, because you have not yet sold your house or simply for investment. What are the rules and what should you keep in mind? A frequently asked question is therefore 'are you allowed to rent out your owner-occupied home?' We will elaborate on this on the page. 

Vacancy law

Renting out via the vacancy law is only possible with your own home, and is permitted if your home is clearly for sale. The vacancy law contains a number of provisions from the standard rent law expire. A good example of this is that you have to let your home for at least 6 months. After this period you may, after the sale for example, cancel the lease with 3 months notice period for the tenant. Here you must apply for a permit from the municipality. If you rent out your home through us, we will arrange this. To obtain a permit you must comply with a number of rules, namely:

  • Your home is visibly for sale
  • You rent out your home for a minimum of 6 months
  • The property is currently uninhabited
  • You have no more than two properties for sale in the rental

If you meet the above points, chances are that you will receive the permit. However, this depends on the municipality. A few small benefits:

  • You can decide the rental price yourself, because the rental does not fall under the points system.
  • You may cancel the agreement without reason with a statutory notice period of three months. For example when you have sold the property.

Rent out your home with a mortgage
It may be that there is a rental clause in your mortgage. This means that you must ask your mortgage lender for permission to rent out your home. Not every provider gives permission for this. The main reason for this is fairly simple; your home pays less in the event of a forced sale if there are tenants in it This is a difficult point that we can of course help you with. We encounter these situations a lot and know how to deal with them. You can always contact us via the contact form below. You can also find an indication here of what your home could be worth:

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