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Do you want to rent your apartment in Utrecht to a reliable tenant? Then you are in good hands with StartHousing. For years, we have been making sure that people rent out their homes to tenants that they can trust. You can contact us if you want to rent out your apartment in Utrecht for a short or long time. We ensure that everything is arranged for you and that you really only have to hand over the keys.

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Through our online tool you get an indication of the rental price of your property.

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How does that work?appartement verhuren in Utrecht

appartement verhuren in UtrechtWe bring your apartment to the attention of more than 3,500 national and international home seekers who are planning to rent a home in Utrecht. Whether you make your apartment available immediately or are looking for a tenant in a while. We are looking for a suitable tenant to whom you can entrust your apartment.

Our service

StartHousing hhas many years of experienence as a rental agent in Utrecht and Rotterdam. We know the tricks of the trade and with our extensive knowledge and experience we can carefully guide you in renting out your apartment in Utrecht. If you want, we can take the financial and technical part out of ryour hands completely. Then you no longer have to worry about anythinig and you know for sure that your home is in good hands.

Reliable tenants

We think it is important that landlords can assume that their apartment is in good hands. We therefore carefully examine our rental candiddates with:

  • background check
  • verification of identity
  • credit checks

We work according to the quality standard of VBO Makelaar and  . Our rental files are therefore extra validated.Huurcheck Netherlands

Rent an apartment in Utrecht to expats

appartement in utrecht centrum

Utrecht is a city where more and more expats are finding their way. Because of its central location in the country, but also because almost everything can be reached within 15 minutes from the center of Utrecht. Utrecht offers a perfect working climate and is a beaautiful city to live in. A large number of expats are therefore looking for a rental property in Utrecht for shorter and longer periods.

StartHousing brings you in contact wiht expats whoe want to live in Utrecht an who are mainly looking for . We are an Expat Center Utrecht parnter and have close ties with international companies, hospitals and universities. This way we can link people who want to rent out their home directly to a reliable party. Contact us immediately if you are curious about the possibilities.

Rules about renting out your apartment in Utrecht

StartHousing knows exactly how the rules regarding renting  work.  We are always up to date with innovations in the law and know better than anyone how to prepare a perfect rental agreement. If you rent your apartment with us in Utrecht, we will provide you with tailor-made assistance. Whether you want to rent out your apartment as a rental house in Utrecht for a long time, or are you looking for a tmporary resident for a few months.

Do you also rent other types of properties?

Yes we have a very wide range of properties for rent in Utrecht. From a spacious family home to a fully furnished 2-room apartment to a studio in Utrecht. You can come to us with all types of properties. Even if you want to sell your property, because we are also a broker in Utrecht en Rotterdam.

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For more information, see also our pages about renting a house in Utrecht and renting a house in Rotterdam .

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