Keuze tussen woning gemeubileerd of gestoffeerd verhuren.

gemeubileerd huis verhuren in utrecht of rotterdam
Is it better to rent out my house furnished or unfurnished? This depends on which people you want to attract. Temporary tenants, such as expats, are looking for a furnished apartment. But tenants who want to rent for a long term, such as young families, opt for an unfurnished or bare apartment.

It does not matter whether your home falls under the social or free sector. You can always decide for yourself whether you want to rent the property furnished, unfurnished or bare.

Rent out your furnished property? Five tips.

Are you planning to rent your property furnished in Utrecht or Rotterdam, then we recommend the following:

1. Furnish your home with the ideal tenant in mind

The atmosphere that your interior radiates is very important. Sometimes this is even more important than the location, size or layout of the house. Is your ideal tenant an expat from a higher segment? Then make sure that your furnished home has a look that appeals to this target group.

The quality of your interior is therefore also important. If you rent with a high-quality interior, then your target group will also handle your belongings nicely. See also our page about renting a house to expats.

2. Choose modern and replaceable facilities

Again with your ideal tenant in mind. Does the tenant expect an old-fashioned TV or a flat screen? Does he or she want a dishwasher? In general, tenants expect modern amenities in a furnished house. A clean and modern coffee maker or microwave is expected.

Tip: keep in mind that user items such as crockery and cutlery must be regularly replaced due to wear or simply break. Therefore choose replaceable items.

3. Neutral design

gemeubileerd of gestoffeerd huis verhuren

Furnish your home in a neutral way. Try to keep it simple. Tastes are personal and the more neutral you decorate your home, the more people will be interested. For tenants it is also nice to be able to mix their own style with the neutral design. In practice we see that these houses are rented out faster. 

4. Ensure good hygiene

Feedback from tenants teaches us that this is an important point. Mold on the bathroom and carpeted floors are a reason for them not to rent the house. Also not having cleaned the house for a viewing are reasons to reject the house. 

5. Be flexible

The willingness to turn an nursery into an office space, or vice versa, increases the number of interested parties. However, offering a bare house with the mention that it can also be rented furnished does not help. A tenant wants to see what he or she gets. It is therefore wiser to offer the property furnished and to mention that upholstered renting is an option. This way you reach many more potential tenants. Also take into account the effort and costs of emptying the home and storing the furniture.

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